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    The Gender Abuse of Children

    Not to be outdone by race-identity politics, other middle-class kids are encouraged - mostly by young adults who were children not that long ago - to spend much of their free time celebrating whatever gender they happen to decide is in vogue for that day. These kids then instruct adults on how they need to change the basic English language  based on what they decide what is the new proper speech for everyone else. They then attack adults who refuse to play their juvenile power games as being “intolerant” and “hateful.”  

    Yes, most of the kids involved in today’s transgendered craze will grow out of this in a few years.  But for a small minority of the more troubled kids, this new rapidly- growing movement is having very serious consequences.  Increasingly, what is either a phase of adolescent rebellion and experimentation with whatever is edgy and provocative, or a symptom of deep psychological trauma experienced by the child as she is growing up, has turned, with adult approval and sometimes actual encouragement, into children as young as 12 being allowed to actually alter their very gender through drugs and surgery! 


    What's next for our schools?  Offer kids who are cutting themselves to come down to the nurses office and obtain clean razors?


    I fail to see how any of this is healthy for anyone, except perhaps the professional race-baiters, psychologists and surgeons.


    To sum up: my main platform as a candidate for MMSD school board is that I support opening up our schools to the widest possible range of educational opportunities for children so that they all have the opportunity to thrive and succeed as they grow up.  I am tired of hearing empty boiler-plate platitudes and education double-speak from those who will always oppose meaningful reform within our public school system, or who claim that real reform must cost taxpayers more money. I have experience in dealing with these kinds of people in the past (see my charter school letters from 20 years ago) and I do not expect them to ever change their minds except with a minor miracle.  

    I think it would be a much more productive use of time to just work at getting more like-minded people on the board.  Please note that if  David Blaska and I all win our races, we will be just one vote shy of what is needed for real and systemic reform in regard to re-establishing some basic sanity for MMSD.