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    School Security

    I will post a more detailed update here once I’ve had more time to become better-informed and think  about this more. (Several reports by the Cap Times stating that the focus of my campaign is on school security are inaccurate.  In fact, I thought I made it clear to them from the beginning that the focus of my campaign is in expanding school choice.)


    I will say, however, that the idea of “negotiating” the terms of any new SRO contract with the Madison Police Department doesn’t sit well with me. MMSD/individual schools should always be in the drivers seat when it comes to what security protocols they decide makes the most sense for their own students and staff. Period.  If I were the principal of a school, I would no sooner “negotiate” with the police regarding the internal security of my own school than I would negotiate with them the security decisions I make within my own home.  Ditto if I were elected as an MMSD board member.


    More to the point, I would NEVER negotiate away the power of our schools in Madison to make its own decisions regarding the true best interests of our children.  This is precisely what the 2018 $100 million state grant for “school safety” does.  I think this is a Trojan Horse of the first order, and should be rejected out of hand by MMSD at the earliest possible date.