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    Identity Politics

    I am opposed to any form of identity politics and its consequent victimization of children as it comes down from the MMSD board. If some people in Madison want to start a voucher school within the district which imposes their racist -and that is what it is- ideology upon the children of parents who choose to send them there, then I accept that as an unfortunate part of school choice. But I will fight all types of institutionalized racism and manufactured Identity Politics that come down from the superintendent’s office or the School Board itself.  


    I do not support a top-down educational model of ensuring “safe spaces” for kids and targeting “micro-aggressions.” That model of instruction has almost zero to do with teaching respect and courtesy towards others;  in fact, quite the contrary. 


    I can think of very few things so debilitating as this approach with children, if you want them to grow up as capable adults and not remain infants for their entire lives.   Actually, I can think of nothing worse.  Remember “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me?” I think that’s an adage which needs to be resurrected. 


    But again………if proponents of this kind of thinking would like to establish a voucher school in Madison to offer this approach for parents who agree with this, I would welcome it as another part of a vibrant mix of educational opportunities for Madison’s children.  With a charter or voucher school, parents will always have the chance to leave, should they decide that enrolling their child to grow up in that kind of environment was a mistake.  They won’t need to spend years fighting the system in order to reverse their unfortunate personal decision, which they are currently demanding that everyone else in our school system accepts.

    What has happened here in Madison, as well as many other college/university towns, is the rapid rise of divisive identity politics, where thought -and speech- police tactics have replaced any targeting of true institutional injustice.  I think this is one of the worse things that has happened in our nation’s history. 

    To be specific, if economic times get worse, I think we could easily end up with a full-blown and completely unnecessary race war both in Madison, and indeed in the whole nation. The average Madisonian, whom I believe still seeks true justice and equal opportunity for everyone, must stand up against this whole Identity Politics game before it is too late to avoid such a nightmare scenario.