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    My Story


    Welcome to my website.  I am Amos Roe, running for Seat 5 on the Madison Municipal School District board in the 2019 Spring Election. 

    I support:

    • Publicly-funded school choice of all types.

    • Respecting, nurturing and supporting our teachers as the experts in how to best teach children

    • Working on the MMSD Board to create and implement a whole new model in how to ensure excellent wages and benefits for good teachers. (“Good teachers” being defined as ones selected through parental school choice.)

    • Encouraging more parental and taxpayer involvement at every level of our schools, by setting up institutional structures which promote their involvement, rather than hinder it.

    • Handing discipline issues over to local school principals, who are best equipped to understand what the actual issues are, and who the individual children in their schools are.

    • A “can-do” attitude among board members when challenged with difficult issues, rather than excuses why something new “can’t be done, because……”

    I oppose:

    • Identity politics

    • Victimizing any child on the basis of race or gender

    • Manipulation of any factual data for ideological purposes

    • Using standardized testing as the basis for measuring the success of our schools

    • Imposing personal political beliefs from either the Board or the Superintendent’s office upon other people’s children.

    • An “it can’t be done” attitude among Board members rather than saying “Let’s make it work, even though it will be tough.”